Brode (manor)

18th century

The manor was a headquarters for a smaller property which in 1754 was composed of 13 subject houses. Its owners are mentioned from 1730 on, when it was cher, in 1738 Anton Solak, in 1741 Jožef noble Charchesy, in 1746 Karl Jožef noble Curti Francini, in 1762 Terezija noble Curti, in 1786 Alojzija Teodira, Maksimilijana, Nepomucena and Marija noble Curti, in 1778 Mihael Evstahij baron noble Rastern, in 1789 Jožef Bayer, in 1802 Adam Seewald, in 1808 Anton Hayder, in 1818 Filip Puklič, in 1824 Jožef Omersi, in 1838 his heirs who sold the building in 1852 to Eduard Schauer.

In the entrance hall of the manor a round stone column supports vaults with supporting arc and Czech caps. In the ground floor old, mostly bathtub like, partially cross-crested arcs are preserved. Rectangular stone portal with lightly buckwheat grain-like skimmed edge and nice forged doorposts leads to the south sellar. The building was constructed around 1700 on older base; preserved late-Gothic sellar portal is a witness of this.
Nowadays apartments are in the building.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v vzhodni Sloveniji - Spodnja Savinjska dolina", Založna Park, Ljubljana, 1992
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N 46° 14.893' E 14° 57.786'


Leaned into the hill, two-storeyed building is agitated, of irregular ground plan
On the west (back) side another entrance into top storey is located; floors are getting lower towards the top so the second floor has a characteristics of semi-storey.
Brode manor, Vransko; photo: Zavod za varstvo naravne in kulturne dediščine Celje; the year is unfortunately not marked