Vransko (tower, Avžlak manor)

15th century

Present manor was at first tollhouse on the border between Styria and Carniola and was a property of provincial prince's regalia. Its leasers are known from the end of the 15th century on: in 1492 Andrej Hohenwarter, in 1508 Lenart Raumschüssel (caretaker of Ojstrica), in 1524 his sons Jurij and Krištof. In 1535 it went into benefit of first provisions master Jošt Limbarski. Later it was in the hands of provincial officials. In 1778 the tollhouse was moved outside of the borough to Mavta. Afterwards the building served some time as a brewery (prajhaus) and between 1809 and 1813 as Austrian border customs house (Auschlag) because nearby was a border between Austrian empire and Illyrian provinces.
The original tollhouse, mentioned for the first time in 1422, was probably a simple tower, preserved on the south corner of present manor; it is possible to still find out several walled-in arrow loops in the attic. Vaulted construction in the entrance hall is supported by stocky round column.

The original tollhouse, constructed maybe in 14th or 15th century was at least a storey higher than the present one which barely stands out of castle whole. It is depicted as this in the background of Vischer's copper engraving of Stopnik, Topographia nr.39. Depiction is sketchy but a smaller round tower is clearly visible, which fortifies left front corner of the building, meanwhile it seems that on the right corner a smaller rectangular tower is built. Sometime in the 17th or 18th century a chapel was added to the rear side of the manor and in the first half of the 19th century both corner towers were removed, the original tower was lowered and classicistically reformed the facades.

At the renovation of the building in 1991 Gothic architecture elements were found in a part of the facade. At the present time renovation works are in progress again, but are, as it seems, mostly about arranging the surroundings and not so much about the building itself. The building seems unihabited.

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: "Grajske stavbe v vzhodni Sloveniji - Spodnja Savinjska dolina", Založna Park, Ljubljana, 1992
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Entrance to the courtyard of the manor; also accessible from the other side
View to south-eastern side of the manor with corner quadrangular tower
Back side of the manor, in the middle of which an added three-side concluded chapel is visible and a tower on the right
Incription 'ANNO 1422' alerts to a first mentioning of the tollhouse
Present building is single-storeyed, 4x8 axial, built on rectangular ground plan
A strong buttress is leaned to the north corner of the manor; facade is divided only by horizontal wreath and classicistic, semicircularly concluded in the ground floor, in the floor rectangular mortar window frames with plastic, decorative parapets
Concrete well, surrounded by three decorative small columns
Stone armpit portal; in front the entrance roof is leaned on four columns - the same as the ones at the well
Casted coat of arms above the portal; * if someone knows to who this coat of arms belongs to let me know
On the top of the hillside at the woods a small chapel is located
Remains of the stove, laying around at the adjacent outhousing wing
Year 1914 can be found on a scarp at the road
Vransko manor (outtake), copper engraving by G. M. Vischer from around 1681